TRAVEL PLANNERS LOVE QUINCY!  inside guide cover

The “biggest, small city” in the Midwest.

Big on Value. Big on Hospitality. Big on Personal, Friendly Service. Big bang for your buck. Small on Smog. Small on crime. Small on overly crowded, expensive parking. “Cityesque”  in outstanding architecture, rich history, and culinary & cultural options.

Quincy’s proximity to several major metropolitan areas makes travel a snap. Motor coach operators find the drive to Quincy perfect for multi-day trips or even a solo day outing. The nearby quaint communities of historic Nauvoo and Pittsfield are ideal sister destinations to experience while here.

The CVB will customize an itinerary catering to your group’s interests and needs. Our goal is to connect you with the heart & soul of the Quincy area, plugging you into select local flavor. Popular group venues include a behind-the-scenes tour of a working 1929 German bakery, Underbrink’s. A unique tour is accompanied by a scrumptious sweet tray for only $5.

Another group favorite is Don McKinley’s educational, personalized tour of his private, 45-piece collection of John Deere equipment, in rural Quincy. The 1930’s Agriculture Museum also features household items typical of a 1930’s Midwest farm, and a lawn perfect for groups to picnic. All at the good old-fashioned price of free.

The all-time standout group activity, however, is the Private Home Tours of Quincy. This amazing program is very specific to Quincy, and unrivaled in the opinion of seasoned tour leaders and their groups. The CVB arranges private interior tours of up to three homes in Quincy’s exclusive East End Historic District. There are eighteen homes from which to choose, and the homeowners give the tours themselves. One group organizer stated, “It all felt very VIP since we were the only ones going through the homes!”. Selections are grouped in neighborhood clusters to afford ease of walking between, for groups as small as 10, to large groups of 90 or more.

Attached is a sampling of several of our winning itineraries. Recently a group of fifty seniors from St. Louis followed one of our most popular itineraries. The organizer’s feedback after the day in Quincy: “We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Quincy. Everything was great and very welcoming (the bakery, church, restaurant, architecture and private homes) including the weather! I’m getting a group of friends together and coming back. The private homes were a definite highlight!”.

We’ve also put together a fun & informative “Inside Guide” for event planners to help you get a feel for all Quincy has to offer. Just contact the CVB for your bound copy of The Inside Guide, complete with a cool, entertaining 3-minute DVD.  800.978.4748.

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