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Fridays, October 22 and 29  •  9 – 11:45 amInstructor: Table 16 Productions
Cost: Free to Non-Profits
Location: JWCC Workforce Development Center, 4220 Kochs Lane, Room W112

The Tracy Family Foundation is seeking to assist non-profits and schools in building their capacity by providing video storytelling, social media training, consultation and assistance.  The hope is that this effort will lead to increased donor support, engagement and volunteerism, thus increasing capacity and financial sustainability.

The Foundation’s goals in offering these Capacity grants are four-fold.  As a result of the activities funded by these grants, the hope is that the non-profits will experience and be able to demonstrate evidence of the following:

  • Increased cash and online donations to your organization, defined as new donors or an increase in donation dollars from current and prior donors.
  • Increased Board, Staff and volunteer engagement, defined as Increase Board, Staff and Volunteer activities that support fundraising, Mission related activities, and Organizational Development.
  • Diversified fund raising methodology through the usage of multiple media platforms, defined as diversified media platforms to increase Mission and Branding recognition.
  • Increased traffic to your website, increasing your mission and brand recognition, defined as a greater number of visits to your website thus increasing your brand recognition.

Video Storytelling can increase donations and volunteerism by:

  • Capturing your mission in a passionate story, and thus engaging existing and potential stakeholders.
  • Inspiring your team and board through branding and clarification of your mission.
  • Getting people “out there” in the world to care and want to give to your mission.

Social Media pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google, are playing an increasing role in people’s lives.  Organizational marketing, in particular, can benefit from the use of social media.  It requires very little funding, and social media can compel and garner stakeholder interest.  It enables the charitable organization to maintain relations with their customers and stakeholders.  Finally, social media can allow organizations to gather regular customer feedback quickly and easily.

Target Audience: Anyone responsible for managing Non-profit or School Social Media.



October 22, 2021 @ 9:00 am - 11:45 am