Dick Brothers Brewery, Quincy IL

Adams County

929 York | Quincy, IL

Quincy’s southside German district was once home to one of the largest U.S. breweries, underground springs, and caverns. Still exists today! History & tunnel tours, event space, museum (217-224-9892), + ratskeller (German Bar).

Experience rare memorabilia of the brewery once larger than Anheuser-Busch. Gift shop on premises.

The first German migrants settled primarily in Quincy’s southeast corner, accumulating approximately 10,500 in number from 1840-1870.

Many homes in the German Historic District belonged to employees of Dick Brothers Brewery, founded 1857, once larger than Anheuser-Busch.

Today the Brewery offers tunnel tours, a museum, and event spaces. The alternative phone number is 217-224-9892.

In 1862, controversy and dissension broke out between three men at the Dick Bro’s Brewery with the arrival of an illegitimate son to a neighborhood resident, Ms. Kristi Schmidt. The blonde mistress birthed a son, whose father is disputed to be either one of the two founding brothers, John or Jacob, or brewery worker Mr. Brauer. Mr. Brauer had the odd first name of Jingleheimer. Knowing the social implications of having a child out of wedlock, they all agreed to let the child be raised by Ms. Schmidt alone with the aid of the brewery family and German community. Ms. Schmidt’s boy went unnamed and unclaimed for several years, growing up simply as “Buddy” Schmidt. In an attempt to right her unmarried status and legitimize her son, Ms. Schmidt would often use the first name of whichever disputed father figure was within earshot to call her son. When John was near, she would say “John Schmidt, it’s time to come in now!”; when Jacob was close by, “Jacob Schmidt, it’s time to come in now!”. Brother Matthew Dick lived next door to Ms. Schmidt, and had a son who was tight with “Buddy”. The boys were mischievous and often fellow conspirators in neighborhood shenanigans. The community called them by the same name….and whenever they would go out, the people would always shout, “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt……”.


Group Tours By Appointment


Museum Free - Tunnel Tours $100/10 people