colorful block_maf_cropped“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” -Albert Einstein

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Pssssst…..Quincy has been passing it on since 1947, when it became home to the first Community Arts Council in America, established as the Quincy Society of Fine Arts. And in 1985 the City of Quincy received the Governor’s Award for the Arts from the Illinois Arts Council.

Accolades notwithstanding, Quincy is simply an exuberant art community, with a host of outlets for the budding and seasoned artist, as well as those who appreciate such. Art lovers & seekers will find organizations, venues, events and businesses catering to their interests. Longstanding establishments as well as outcroppings of new galleries & pop-up shows are converging on a continual basis.

The Quincy art scene is an organic and exciting one. The palette is as diverse and colorful as the spectrum of the rainbow!


Quincy Society of Fine Arts

Quincy Art Center

Midsummer Arts Faire


Gallery Solaro

Granite Bank Gallery facebook

605 Hampshire Gallery facebook

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