“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”   { Virginia Woolf }

This being said, you most assuredly will be able to think, love and sleep well after dining in the Quincy area! Very well.

Quincy and food, and drink, let us just say, go hand in hand. We have populated our fair city and surrounds with just about every kind of culinary and libational variety that a person could desire.

Some genres that may strike your fancy…..Fresh “farm to table” start-ups. Midwestern with a twist cantilevered over the Mississippi. Iconic greasy spoons, with no tipping allowed, visited by Food Network’s Alton Brown. Swanky, ambient-rich downtown steak houses. Time-honored authentic & classic Italian. Pub kitchens serving juicy burgers & spicy tacos. Popular & convenient chains, from soup to subs. Inviting downtown wine & martini bars serenaded by live music. Scenic locally owned rural wineries……..

To delve into our locally owned smorgasbord of over 70 options, check out the Local Fix Culinary Guide. To peruse the five area wineries, see the Mississippi Valley Wine Trail Guide.

Below is an overview of Quincy restaurants.


Mini Abe visited all three counties and got his caffeine fix at Free Press Coffee, next to the historic William Watson Hotel (where he slumbered over a century ago, and enjoyed a late morning siesta in one of their now modern & cozy rooms), on the square in Pittsfield, IL.


“Abe” became a little gluttonous at the Maid-Rite Sandwich Shop in Quincy, and had a few too many “loose-meat” sandwiches, crinkle cut fries and creamy shakes. Adventure and exploration forever in his bones, he just had to see the great river again, and the 1987 cable-stayed suspension Bayview Bridge.

Boodalu3mini abe cinnamon roll_hotel nauvooBoodalu8

A few strides up from the Mississippi, Abe discovered the terrace and a delightful dinner at Boodalu Steakhouse in a restored historic Quincy structure, before the Great River Road lead him and his sweet tooth to Hotel Nauvoo’s famous cinnamon rolls, in Nauvoo, IL. Abe did return to Boodalu’s appealing bar for the night cap that had caught his eye earlier in the day.

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