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Let’s get in the car and DRIVE!

Sometimes it’s just nice to cruise at your own leisure, from point to point….stopping where you wish. “Lollygag”, if you will. No agenda, but to explore new & interesting things, experience unfamiliar snatches of history, taste uncommon local flavor.

We’ve developed several Self-Guided Driving Tours with your enjoyment in mind, gathering different points of interest into concise & organized driving tours, specifically themed, with side pockets of cool stops along your way. They are available for download below, but please contact us if you would like a copy mailed to you. 800-978-4748. ENJOY!

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 driving tours box_archARCHITECTURAL DRIVING TOUR : With a whopping 3,664 buildings on the National Historic Register, Quincy reflects just about every design element imaginable. This trip takes you through 15 key areas of the city, for optimum exposure to a variety of styles. You’ll see grand Victorian Gothic, Queen Anne & Italianate beauties, solid Arts & Crafts structures, clean lined Mid-century Modern, and humble & endearing German “Shotgun” cottages. We encourage you to park and walk the historic riverfront, the pristine East End Historic District, and peruse Gallery Solaro in the Brewery District. {Approximate DRIVE TIME : 60 minutesDOWNLOAD ARCHITECTURAL TOUR

driving tours box_toltonDRIVE THE 5 TOLTON SITES : Learn the inspiring story of the first African-American priest in  the United States. At age six Augustine Tolton and his family fled the slave state of Missouri to Quincy. You’ll tour in chronological order the places signifying the milestones of Augustine’s life in Quincy. With five sites and a mini biography, this tour is as easy as it is educational. Make sure to stop at some of the mom & pop side stops noted, while you’re in the neighborhood! {Approximate DRIVE TIME : 45 minutes} DOWNLOAD DRIVE THE 5

driving tours box_mormon9 SITES TO SEE : Quincy was the safe haven for 5,000 Mormons seeking refuge in 1839. This tour guides you to 9 key locations and offers a synopsis of the people and happenings surrounding each. Number 7 on the tour is the historic John Wood mansion — a MUST to make time to tour! {Approximate DRIVE TIME : 75 minutesDOWNLOAD 9 SITES TO SEE

SPOTS TOdriving tours boxe_spots to spot SPOT : Ten awesome spots to spot the magnificent bald eagle on the Great River Road. Begin in historic Dallas City and wind your way down through Quincy, ending at Pike Station, adjacent to the only lighthouse on the Mississippi’s navigable inland waterway length. The best viewing months are mid-November through mid-February. {Approximate DRIVE TIME : 120+ minutesDOWNLOAD SPOTS TO SPOT

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