Some may say Quincy is a smaller, less visible city in the Midwest… a hidden gem on the banks of the Mississippi. In fact, that is exactly what one visitor to our endearing area said. Ian, from Kalamazoo, Michigan, liked Quincy so much, he wrote us a lovely letter after his visit last summer.

We want to share it with you. It gives an exceptional point of view from a fellow traveler. We also enjoyed Ian’s love of “back door travel” and agree Quincy is the ideal “back door” to meander through for a most pleasant excursion.

“I first discovered Quincy on a map while looking up Hannibal, MO. I visited your website and applied to receive information about your city via Enews (which I have received several).

My wife and I love to back door travel to smaller less visible cities throughout the Midwest. We recently had the time/occasion to come to Quincy for a quick 24 hour visit. 

Your monthly Enews had painted a picture in my mind that I could only say would be hard to live up to. I know from our travels that we were more than pleased with Quincy and were amazed by this smaller hidden gem on the banks of the Mississippi.

We enjoyed the views from the Villa Kathrine, sat under the Bayview Bridge, & at sunset went to your island park (Quinsippi Island)… visited the John Wood Mansion with the big leaf Magnolia, drove around your mansion district with the brick roads (Park Place). And went to Underbrink’s Bakery to get an Angel Food Cupcake with Butter Cream Icing

It was quite a trip for just 1 day.

I’m only telling you because it exceeded my expectation and it always seems like something is going on there.

I only wish we could make it there for Christmas some year.

All the Best




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