Clat Adams Park

Adams County

201 N Front | Quincy, IL

Clat Adams Bicentennial Park is located on three acres at Front & Hampshire Streets at Quincy’s riverfront.

Clat Adams features a wonderful scenic view of the Mississippi River, a large blue and white gazebo, a decorative fountain, and restrooms.

Clat Adams hosts the communities July 4th celebration, band concerts, and many other community events. This park may only be reserved for public events which are open to the community.

Mormon 10 Sites to See Driving Tour: Crossing point of the Saints from Missouri to Illinois in 1839. The wide expanse of the partially frozen river posed difficulties to the Mormons as they fled Missouri in hopes of exile in Quincy. In 2002 a new monument was erected commemorating the kindness of the 1,500 Quincyans to the more than 5,000 Saints in need.

Lincoln in Quincy – Steamboats & Railroads

• Transportation used by Lincoln traveling to and from Quincy
• Douglas and Lincoln arriving at Quincy’s depot for the debate
• The importance of riverboats and trains to Quincy’s growth