Quincy Museum

Adams County

1601 Maine | Quincy, IL

Originally the Newcomb Stillwell mansion, circa 1891.

  • The museum now contains a beautifully furnished first floor, restored to period 1890s.
  • The second & third floors feature a history room, gallery, and rotating exhibits.
  • 14-carat gold woodwork and shop American Girls in the gift shop.
  • 20,000-sq-ft home built for Richard Newcomb, one of four millionaires in Quincy at the time of his death in 1904
  • Once housed a bowling alley in the basement Now Quincy Museum; tours & exhibits

Newcomb-Stillwell Mansion

This is a 20,000 sq. ft. home built for Richard Newcomb, president of Quincy Paper Co. It originally housed a wine cellar & bowling alley in the basement. Newcomb was one of four millionaires in Quincy at the time of his death in 1904; the mansion was passed to his daughter Elizabeth Stillwell.



Open Mar 30-oct 28, Tues-Sun 1-5p


$5 for Adults, $3 for Children (aged 3 and up or student with valid ID)
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